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 Greetings beloved friend in Jesus. I thank God for this opportunity to write you this morning. I woke up extra early this morning sensing God is drawing me into his presence. I hear in the distance light rolling thunder and have an expectation for God to move.

     It is great to wake up every morning knowing you are about to have the best visit of your life with the Lord and then there are those times when God has waited long enough for you to get up and he wants to visit with you.

     I have been in awe this year at the move of the Holy Spirit. It appears the prayers and sacrifices made last year were to get ready for what is happening this year. Last year was no doubt a huge struggle, and not only did we face shortage of funds to meet our mission support, our expenses we also had unexpected things thrown in our way costing huge amounts and it was only a miracle that everything is paid. But, praise God, He is our provider. We are going forward and doing more on the mission field then we have for a few years.

     Our band rehearsals are coming along. I’m looking forward to what is in store with this. Our manager told David the other day, you are part of us, if the Holy Spirit leads you take the mike and minister then do so. David says, Oh, I plan to. David is more quiet but the Holy Spirit does direct him and out of the blue David will say this is going to happen or that isn’t going to happen and sure enough, he heard the voice of God.

     We are launching into radio ministry. I will speak for several minutes of scripture, share about Full Gospel Native Missionary then go into prayer. I have several prayer requests that I will pray over and pray as the Holy Spirit lays them upon my heart. He often will tell me about a need in some one’s body or heart or a family situation and have me pray and this will be included in our radio ministry. They will be short 15 minute programs three times a day three times a week on www.corazon1610am.com. This is an internet station that broadcasts only a few miles locally but has the potential to reach the world through the web.

     Once this has a strong start I was advised on steps of then going on T.V. This of course is down the road, but I can see up ahead. The hours upon hours of seeking God for direction and His will is beginning to bring our vision into focus.

     I love that David has such a heart for missions. God laid this upon him before we ever met. His life became part of a greater purpose when he began to see that God’s desire is to help those less fortunate. This is how I feel about you because you have stood with us for so many years in the same vision.

     I want to share part of a letter from our minister in the Philippines and pray it blesses you as it did me….

     “Thank you to you and all the sponsors who shared their blessings. Through this generosity, the recipients of the blessings feel that they are important and loved. For us, it's just a little thing but to them, it's a big thing.

     Thank you Sis. Heather that through you, many felt the spirit of love. One of the senior citizens who is now 79 years old asked me about what do I expect from her five years from now? I told her that when she believed the word and received Jesus in her life and serve Him with gladness in her heart, God will change all her sorrows and worries in life into joy. And God will change her from glory to glory. From that day, every time we conducted bible studies, she is always there and is participating through telling her testimony of how and what God has done in her life.” Bro. Elmas and Sis. Joy

     We have two pastors in India praying that God will allow them to build new churches in their villages. They each have small congregations but no church. To build a church would cost approximately $3,500 each. I wish I had the money to send and it would have already been sent; this is another petition I bring before the Lord. If I could raise an extra $600 a month, these two churches could be built and fully paid for in one year.

     I still need to raise the last $200 for the sewing machines for our sewing clinic. Our clinic is nearing the start time for the next clinic and how nice it would be if their machines were new. I bought machines for our clinic several years ago and they have trained several hundred women to be tailors. These women are now employed and earning an honorable living and almost all of them are now Christians.

     We are feeding the hungry in our feeding stations as well as our pastors bringing food with them when they go to their outreaches to preach. Food for the hungry is so needed.

     Our orphanages in India and the Philippines are doing well. Right now, all the children are healthy and doing well in school. Thank you for helping me take care of our orphan children. Children means so very much to me. And you mean very much to our orphans. 

     Our orphanages are filled with orphan children who love our homes and our workers and appreciate you for supporting them with food, clothes, sending them to school and love.

     Thank you for your support. Thank you for being a part of all of what is happening on the mission field. I pray a great return to you for your mission offering. I love you in Jesus and I pray for you each and every day.  Happy Valentine’s Day and God bless you.

                     In Jesus, Heather Becker

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