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Newsletter  Answered prayers, heartache and God is still moving, healing and saving


Psalm 68:11

The Lord gives the command; The women who proclaim good news are a great army.

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David & Heather Becker

     V.P & President

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     Greetings this wonderful day of sunshine. God is glorified through his beauty bestowed upon us this Spring. We’ve had incredible high winds but today it is pleasant.

     Happy Mother’s Day to our special Native Missionary MOTHERS. I have for years received little notes and letters reminding me that many remember me when I was little. I grew up in this ministry. I grew up so familiar with your names and your involvement to help the mission field. You are very dear to me.

     Now I have grandchildren and I still see God doing wonderful things on the mission field and in our lives. I am so happy that God called me to live this life of service for Him.

     A few days ago, I passed a mirror and saw a glimpse of my mother. I have been missing her. For those who have been with us so long, you will remember Eleanor Buchanan. She has been gone for 12 years, such a dear woman of God. She faithfully stayed home while dad spent so much time on the mission field. She finally got to go to the mission field after I started going. However, she did spend a lot of time in Mexico in our orphanages there. I remember her learning how to make tortillas from scratch.

     Those Mexican women slapping the dough so quickly and forming small circles, tossing on the flat pan and there was my mom trying to keep up; but doing everything she could to help. My mother always helped everywhere she went. She was such a blessing.

     I’ve had more salvations and recommitments in our church services in the nursing homes. I went to visit one lady bed ridden who can hear our church service from her room. She called for me to come to her room after we were done. We visited and prayed. She said, “God is moving because Odell told my pastor who comes to visit me, he got saved two weeks ago.” I said, yes, he did get saved. She said, “That was in your service, well praise God!”

     Shirley, who has been asking for prayer to be transferred to another location said after service last week, “Pray for me. I need to pray again and make sure I’m right with God. I need to do this!”

     I told my husband a few days ago how moved I have been to see that my going to these nursing homes for the past 3 years is really making an impact. I see the fruit in them. I’ve told you already, but I simply love to hear them singing praise and worship. Their voices are so tender and soft, but I hear them. I can imagine how wonderful it sounds to God.

     We had our Easter service down in Vian, OK last month. We met with family and a few friends, meeting in a small apartment. That is where we held our services for the children last year. We had a wonderful service. We had 6 children and 8 adults who attended. Every one said the prayer to make sure they were right with God when we closed.

     Pan Man told his friend, “I’m already saved. Honey can prove it. She was there!” He recently turned 9. As we were walking up to the apartment Izzy (Isaiah) ran up to David and I shouting, “I believe in Jesus! I believe in God!” He is 5. He declared his faith unashamedly and was happy to let us know.

     During service Jesus showed up. I told the kids to wait here and, in a minute, I’m going get Jesus and bring Him back. David and I went outside for him to put on his Jesus costume.

     It made sharing the story of Jesus very real. When service was over, David (Jesus) sat down on the couch with the kids and it was getting hot in that tiny apartment with so many people. He took off his wig and beard. Izzie stood up in the middle of the room pointing at him and very loudly questioned: “You’re not Jesus!?!

     After service we went to the park for a picnic, birthday party and egg hunt for the children. Easter was spent with a few family members and friends. But more importantly, we celebrated the true meaning of Jesus gift of salvation.

     I do have some tragic news however. We had an answer to prayer which I had just learned. Last October in India, we prayed for one of our pastors and his wife for a baby. They had been married 8 years without children. Pastor Paul and Evangeline became pregnant right after that. But last week she had complications causing her blood pressure to soar and critical health issues. They performed immediate cesarean in hopes of saving both momma and baby girl, but their daughter did not survive.

     Please remember these dear people in your prayers, they are very broken hearted. I can hardly pray without deep sorrow overtaking me. They need our prayers as they trust God through this difficult time.

     Pastor Paul was the first church we visited upon landing in India. In fact, we landed and went directly to their place for church. They use their driveway as their place for church since there is nothing else available. People pack into their yard. They said there is no place available to build and cannot find a place for a church, but they are still believing God for a church building.

     Pastor Israel’s church repair funds were completely sent. I asked the Lord what can we do to help get that other church built. He said, “send them $1200 a month for the next four months.” That would be easy to do if that was all we had to do, but we have all kinds of outreaches and pastors we support. But God said to send it, so I believe He will provide it. We should have the new church fully supported and built by October of this year.

     Pastor Spurgeon held revival services in Patavala village. It is a little near the orphanage. He said many people came and heard the gospel. He said they stepped out in faith and all our pastors and church members contributed to fund this revival. He says the revival was a great success. The Holy Spirit fell, some were saved, one lady got saved and followed the next day in water baptism.  The Christians were revived and energized to serve the Lord.

     Because of the heat in India now, which easily reaches up to 120 degrees, schools only have half day classes. They will take their exams now before letting out for their summer break. The older children study English so, when we were there, they were trying to practice what they had learned in school. My husband couldn’t understand a word, but I’m a little more used to them.

     Thank you so much for your support of orphan children. Our Home in India is beautiful and full of love. Your support does a great job in caring for these precious children. Our Bible school is doing well as is the sewing clinic and our feeding programs.

     Pastor Joel in the Philippines was pretty happy that a lady has opened her home for Bible study. Church in Joel’s home is doing well. They have increased slightly in number over the past year, but he sees the congregation growing in faith and eagerly participate in outreaches.

     Romeo, his side kick, has recently graduated high school. He promised me when we were there over a year ago that he would be faithful and finish school. He kept his word and is doing great. He is looking forward to full time ministry. His goal is to be Joel’s helper and lead song service while playing his guitar; which he has been practicing.

     Joel continues his bible study at the city center. He says the people are intent when he teaches because they are so interested to learn the bible.

     Blanca in Mexico recently went to an area in Chihuahua where migrants are camped. They witnessed and lead 50 people to Jesus. I’m thinking a new church needs to be established there. Join with me in prayer for this too.

     Thank you for your prayers for the mission field. As you can see, so much to do. We are feverishly working to be ready for Jesus’ return. You are such a blessing and so greatly needed. I appreciate you so very much. I pray for you daily. Happy Mother’s Day and God bless you.

                                                                                                  With love in Jesus,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sis. Heather Becker

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In Loving Memory -

     Writing your will now will help your loved ones after you have passed. Being prepared is lso being a good steward. Your reward is added in heaven as you take care of important things here, even upon your arrival to heaven. What a great time for you that will be, but a great loss here. Please write your will.

     If you want to help continue to support the mission field, please remember this work as well.

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