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Heather Becker - President

Full Gospel Native Missionary – It’s purpose

Our mission calling is to help the native preacher reach those in his remote area
with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We have helped send the gospel and establish hundreds upon hundreds of native
churches winning souls and going where a foreigner will not be received; we
support the local native pastor to preach in his own tongue the true Word of God.


After leaving Alaska and ministering through Canada, since 1955 FGNM has
worked in Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Haiti,
Kenya and Uganda Africa, Mexico and Haiti.
Because the great need of food and the masses of starving, it was necessary to
distribute food to the hungry. As we preached the gospel the Leper who is
shunned by most came begging for food and in showing the love of Christ, we
began distributing food and as much as possible, medicine, clothes and housing
for them.


As you distribute food the street children come out from all places and beg for
food showing the great need for orphanages. These children truly are abandoned
or no family whatsoever and how do we give a little food and move on? We don’t,
we bring them into our good homes and raise them as our own beloved children.
We currently have two orphanages, one in India the other in the Philippines.
In India, as a way to meet a poverty need and to spread the gospel, we opened a
sewing clinic that trains women to be tailors. We have a small shop with sewing
machines that our good sponsors help purchase and our instructor teaches about
Jesus then opens class to teach how to sew.


After 8 weeks they receive a certificate along with their samples and are able to
obtain a real job and these young women do not have to prostitute. At the end of
the course, nearly all the women accept Jesus into their heart.

In the Philippines our Home church has about 30 Christians who are so happy to help in ministry. They cook and distribute food to the needy. Have regular bible studies and are growing in their faith.

We have pastors and churches in the Philippines and in India who are currently
receiving our regular monthly support to continue in the ministry. They are true
believers in Christ and our directors in both of these countries oversee their
outreaches and I maintain a good relationship and communications with them.


We have personally known and worked with our brethren in these countries for
many, many years.


We need sponsors to help pick up the slack we are facing from our long-time
friends who have now gone on to heaven; donors who understand that the call of
the mission field is real and rings loud in our hearts every single day.


We are a tax-exempt, non-profit 501©3 organization. Your generosity is needed
and so very greatly appreciated. You will be receipted for your love gift.


Every gift specifically requested for any one or more of our outreaches is used
fully to that purpose.


Rev. C.T. Buchanan in 1955

Registered a non profit, tax exempt organization since 1963


The mission field is our calling sharing the love of Christ

Our Mission

The mission field is our calling, sharing the love of Christ.

Our Mission

Can you help?

Yes! We rely on the support from people just like you. Your charitable donation can make the difference in a young child, or family's life. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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