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Gael is out going door to door to share the gospel with his mom. He is the younger son who loves Jesus and loves to witness.

     Blanca is beginning to reach the street children who are near her home. She said they stay out in the streets and cause mischief. She said the Lord put a burden on her to reach them. She is opening her home to teach bible once a week; along with her going to the streets to witness. Blanca is the smiling one who shared with gospel with these three ladies she just met.


White Structure


      One of our orphan boys got to be Santa and he was so happy. Our children love Jesus and know He came; He blesses and provides for them, but they have fun with Santa too. I love that our children are so happy in our orphanage.

    This is a baptismal service conducted by Pastor Babu. We helped him with his hospital bill from back surgery. He has recovered and fully back in ministry.

     You are reaching souls for Jesus through our native pastors, your reward is great in heaven.


The Philippines -

     The church workers cooked, prepared and delivered food to the needy. They are so happy to serve God to help those in need. These church families also were blessed with food because they have so little themselves.

     Your support is helping reach many people in many ways.

     These little cuties received a Christmas gift from church that you helped provide.

   Your support is always needed. The need is always there and we appreciate you so much.

    Thank you for supporting the mission field.



Please email or write: Full Gospel Native Missionary

P.O. Box 890, Pryor, Oklahoma 74362

We love to hear from you. Please send your prayer request. We pray for you and believe with you for your need.

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