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Happy to serve the Lord: Atalaya DeJesusCristo—Blanca


     Blanca is celebrating that she can serve the Lord!  We are grateful to be apart of her ministry in reaching the lost for Jesus. Thank you for helping us support this woman of God who knows what freedom Jesus brings for someone bound in addiction. Her friend is serving with her today.

      We lost count of how many she has won to the Lord, all she knows is there is freedom in Jesus and is called to search out those still lost and lead them to victory in Jesus. Her calling and message is simple: Jesus frees you from sin.



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INDIA - spreading the gospel to those in far reached areas.

     If you support a native preacher, you are preaching the gospel. Thank you for your support.

     We build churches, support native ministers, have an orphanage, have a free sewing clinic, feed the hungry, help the Leper and have a Bible School in India.

     Your support for missions helps greatly and 100% of your gift is used on the mission field.

     I will bring their mission support this month in hand when visiting India. I will place your mission support in their hands directly.


Joel has a helper Romeo who lives in the home with him. Romeo says he wants to serve the Lord while serving with Joel.

The Philippines - Pastor Joel is

to spread the gospel and work for the Lord.

   A man of God is emerging stronger and with vision as Joel is strengthened in the ministry.

    Joel is once again doing house visitation, along with pastoring his home church, Native Missionary Harvesttime Church.

     He also is doing food distribution to poor villages with the help of the workers at church and through your generous support.

    Thank You and God bless you.


Please email or write: Full Gospel Native Missionary

P.O. Box 890, Pryor, Oklahoma 74362

We love to hear from you. Please send your prayer request. We pray for you and believe with you for your need.

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