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Blanca and Erika sharing the gospel with a Federalie


     Who needs Jesus? In Mexico Blanca is seeking those captive to sin and bondage in hopes they will accept salvation and freedom through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know God brought us to her to help encourage her to keep winning souls.

     A carnival came to town so Blanca gathered her two sons, a couple of friends and said, “Let’s go!” They headed out and began witnessing and before long 12 people gave their hearts to Jesus and one man came back to the Lord.








White Structure

In INDIA, they are celebrating a birthday for one of our orphan boys, as they do for each child.

     Our orphan children are so happy. They are loved and they know it. They are regularly fed, provided clothes, school supplies and even toys and birthday cake. Thank you for helping us raise orphan children.

    In our sewing clinic the women have started bringing their children to class so their husband will let them come. Once they graduate they can obtain a job which helps support the family. All free to them and they also hear the gospel.

   We feed the hungry and spread the gospel and so much more all through your support.


The women of the church who help Joel at Harvesttime Native Missionary Church, as well as the men who stand behind them

The Philippines -

   We are so thankful to work in the Philippines with dedicated men and women who love the Lord, to be used of God and help anyway they possibly can.

   Pastor Joel is leading the workers of the church in bible studies, home visitation and food distribution. He also said they have midweek service and recap Sunday’s message. He is being a good pastor.

   Thank you for helping to support the work in the Philippines. I believe a lot more is about to explode real soon! More to come...


Please email or write: Full Gospel Native Missionary

P.O. Box 890, Pryor, Oklahoma 74362

We love to hear from you. Please send your prayer request. We pray for you and believe with you for your need.

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